Audio Engineering

Foley Cuer

Post Creations Foley | 2021

  • Cued foley for CW's The Flash released in July 2021

  • Cued foley for American Horror Stories, an FX on Hulu Exclusive

Recordist and Mixing Engineer

Artist: AJ Odneal | EP | 2020

  • Tracked vocals and acoustic guitar to Pro Tools on Neotek Elite

  • Mixed on API Legacy

  • Supervised artist experience and scheduling

SFX Designer and Recordist

Unreleased SFX Bundle | 2021

  • Miked and recorded SFX for unreleased SFX bundle

  • Tracked to Pro Tools on SSL 4000 G Series

Board Op

Valley Youth Theatre | 2006-2011

  • Called sound cues and ran the board for various youth theatre productions, both musical and non-musical including pre-show music

  • Mic'd performers and maintained lavalier mic packs

Audio/Video Editor

Unexpected | 2021

  • Edited Audio and Video for an original theatrical production for festival submission

  • Mixed Audio Levels using iZotope Insight to specified LUFS thresholds

Assistant Engineer

Engineer: Judy B | Single | 2020

  • Set up microphones

  • Created and monitored headphone mix

  • Assisted artist as needed

Dialect Coach and Translator

Stray Cat Theatre | 2017

  • Translated dialogue from KISS by Guillermo Calderón into Levantine Arabic

  • Assisted Actors and Director with Arabic pronunciation as well as Syrian Accent

Sound Designer

Arizona School for the Arts | 2009-2011

  • Sound Designer for multiple student-led productions